Self photo 2024

Leah’s interest in natural health and healing was inspired by her grandmother and mother who were both passionate about herbs, supplements, growing organic food and raising healthy children. And hence, this was my mother’s approach from when I was a child.

Leah and her husband went on to raise three children (who were born at home) and she began her studies and training in natural health, spiritual development/counselling, massage therapy (NZ College of Massage), meditation, and Polarity Therapy. She studied and trained in New Zealand and overseas including Poland, Egypt, UK, France, and Australia.

In 2022 Leah extended her training with Body Intelligence NZ and is a qualified Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and is presently studying herbal health.

Leah has a deep understanding of the human condition and ability reach individual’s on a soul level. She is dedicated to helping and supporting those seeking to connect with their spiritual Self – the real You from which as momentum gathers, self-mastery is gained and the manifestation of inner strength and peace, happiness, and prosperity. As the Masters impress… You are limitless.

In each personal session Leah draws from the 4 pillars of compassion, wisdom, divine feminine power, and joy, which encompass the framework of her therapies.