In a soul reading Leah will help you understand your life and sacred soul purpose.

Everyone here on earth has a personal life-code that holds enormous potential – our true Self is indeed, limitless. Leah will help you awaken to your inner potential and power.

If you are feeling stuck, are unsure of what you want or where you are headed, a soul reading will help you find the answers and will help you awaken to your inner potential and power.

Through wisdom, knowledge, and receiving messages from the higher masters, Leah will help guide and direct you to the right pathway to help lead you toward a more joyful, abundance, successful and authentic life.

Now is the time to seek the light and experience life balance, self-empowerment, self-transformation, spiritual elevation, abundance, and joyful relationships by opening to your inner knowing and power.

Life Potential & Purpose

Leah will help you change the things you don’t want in your life and turn the focus toward your inner power and potential.

Discover how to become the master of your own life – not matter what is going on in the outer world – and tap into the vast resource of creativity within for personal success.

Through self-transformation, your thoughts will change, your creativity is empowered, and anything becomes possible.

Prosperity & Manifesting Abundance

Leah continually evolves her knowledge in the arenas of helping people grow in all arenas. Feeling and being abundant is an important part of having a balanced and fulfilled life and involves a limitless array of creativity and ideas.

Leah will give you empowering tools and ideas to help you grow prosperity in your life by helping you rise above the shadow, and the ego’s saboteurs that create self-doubt/sabotage, lack of confidence, indecision, lack of personal power, naivety, impulsiveness, not wanting to listen, no attention to instincts/intuition and so on, in the arena of personal abundance.

And as you transform, hearing the voice of your higher self and listening to your instincts, intuition, inner-knowing becomes much easier and the doors to abundance begin to open up. The stronger your belief becomes that you deserve to have it all – authentically – then miracles involving prosperity, if this is your focus, begin to happen…

Booking a Session

Leah is available for in-person sessions in Auckland – Tuesday to Saturday and by arrangement in Thames.

Sessions via phone and skype/zoom are available upon request.

To schedule your appointment time, submit the times and days that work best for you and either call Leah directly on +64 27 312 1014 or via the Book Now form and Leah will contact you within 24hrs to set up your appointment.

Please note: Session fees for skype/zoom sessions are to be paid in advance to secure your appointment.

Session Pricing for In-Person or Phone/Video

30 minute phone session $115
60 minute phone session $145
60 minute in-person session $175