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Conditions which may respond favourably to Craniosacral Therapy: 

  • Allergies, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma and PTS, Stress, Infertility, Menstrual problems
  • Headaches, Cognitive issues, Digestive problems, Arthritis, Asthma, 
  • Joint Pain, High Blood Pressure, Sciatica, Bladder conditions, Stroke
  • Back or neck pain, Vertigo, Brain injury, Concussion, Birth trauma, Premature birth
  • Ease Pregnancy Discomforts, Colic, Restless baby, Breastfeeding, Post-Natal depression
  • Old Injuries, Exhaustion, Fluid retention, Nervous disorders



Craniosacral therapy calms the client’s central nervous system, which then allows for self-directed healing and regeneration to potentially unfold.

  • Release tensions & patterns in the life systems
  • Encourage mental/emotional balance
  • Bring ailments/conditions creating discomforts, pain, and stress toward health
  • Experience the calming of the central nervous system as the life forces transcend worry and stress to enable a sense of peace and well-being

Pregnancy, Mum & Baby

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is a profoundly safe and gentle way to help ease newborns into physical balance and alignment through cranial touch.

  • With their exponential growth, babies is supported by helping ease and release small compressions
  • Ease general pregnancy discomforts such as back pain, restless sleep, circulation
  • Maintain healthy circulation and central nervous system balance during pregnancy
  • Encourage health and vitality for mum
  • Resolve colic, restlessness, difficulty with feeding, fussiness

Children & Teens

With the fast pace of growth and changes craniosacral therapy can assist balance and equilibrium within young people.

  • An excellent therapy for sports injury’s or falls – to help release potential or existing patterns of discomfort/aches
  • Frees restriction in the central nervous system – encourages healthy bone/spine growth
  • Help orthopedic and neurological imbalances
  • Encourages the letting go of stress, inner pressures of self-doubt and peer pressure often experienced by teens
  • Ease ADHD conditions to improve socialisation
  • Encourages the letting go of stress, inner pressures of self-doubt and peer pressure often experienced by teens


Adults – $80  1hr 15mins / follow-up treatments – $70

Elders – 65yrs plus $60  1 hour / follow-up treatments – $50

Mum & Baby$80 1hr / follow-up treatments – $40

*Home visits available within 20km of Puriri, Thames & Grey Lynn, AK for Mum & Baby treatments – (extra fee will apply)

Children$40  – 45mins

Teens$45 1hr

(*Leah offers Sandplay therapy combined with craniosacral treatments for children and adolescents which work as an excellent combination for their self-healing – available at Puriri clinic only).

Clinic Location

Leah is available for appointments at two clinics:

Puriri, Thames  on Monday’s, Tuesday’s, & Thursday’s from 10am – 6pm

Grey Lynn, Auckland clinic each Wednesday from 12pm – 6pm


I fractured both of my heels, and a friend suggested I see Leah to assist the healing process. Craniosacral therapy is way outside of my level of comfort, however, I went along to see her. I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions and can say I have benefited on many levels of healing. Leah has a way of making the nervously reserved type like me, feel reassured and comfortable. Thank you Leah. Duane

I took my toddler along to see Leah as she was going through a phase of restless sleep, and would then be tired and somewhat out of sorts during the day. The doctor had checked her over and couldn’t find anything wrong. A friend suggested craniosacral therapy for Amy and recommended Leah. After a few sessions, I noticed my child’s demeanor and energy lift – she is now sleeping well, and back to her happy self. Thank you, Leah. Julia

I have a long standing health issue, and having craniosacral therapy with Leah has been the most effective and beneficial form of healing treatment for this time of my health. Leah has an abundance knowledge, an innate skill of sensing what is needed. I am grateful for having met Leah and to have undergone treatments with her. My health and state of being has improved immensely. Lynda