Helping couples find love again through the four pillars

Discover new ways to transform and evolve your soul mate relationships

Leah specialises in helping couples bring the love, compassion, co-operation, understanding, and joy consistently into their relationships when one or both partners are finding these lost in a quagmire of disillusionment and discontentment with one another.

Leah will help you find meaning, resolution, acceptance, forgiveness, and understanding in any given relationship you are questioning and seek to find peace with and happiness with.

Guidance for attracting your soul mate – “Oh where art thou?”

A personal session to help you open to your soul mate and attract him/her into your life.

It is said everyone has around 1000 soul mates somewhere on the planet… so if you have been through a few so far and haven’t found “the one,” yet, no need to despair. Indeed another will “appear” around the corner.

Leah can help you open to the energetic vibration of your soul mate by helping you get clear with what you want, and clear the things standing in the way, whether conscious blocks or otherwise – thereby enabling you to open the pathway to manifesting the love of your life.

Leah brings to light the spiritual and earthly combination of your relationship/s which may have a karmic agreement or sacred contract helping you understand the spiritual dynamic – i.e. what is it I am here to learn from this person, how can I heal,  and indeed, grow.

Session Pricing for In-Person or Phone/Video

1 hr  phone/zoom session $80
1 hr in-person session $95

Booking a Session

Leah is available for relaxed, confidential 1 hour sessions by appointment throughout the week at the WellBeing Studio, 516 Pollen St, Thames, Waikato and via zoom or phone.

Email or text your preferred time and Leah will confirm availability – +64(0) 27 4157 917 or email:

Please note: Session fees for zoom and phone sessions are to be paid in advance to secure your appointment.